Where are you? Fuzzy little bitch.
Here is a blog full of Robert Downey Jr. I love Robert Downey Jr. Robert Downey Jr. is the reason I made this blog and for 3 years now it's been Robert Downey Jr. ❒ Single ❒ Taken ✔ Robert downey jr.

Also, I believe I'm a friendly and funny person and I enjoy asks and conversations
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get to know me (10 actors): robert downey jr.

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Twas tagged by highlaurie in a post 6 selfies of yourself challenge thing so here it is. I tag
londowney tonystarksass and laurieedelstein

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So you’re a man who has everything… and nothing.

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Do you ever have that uncle that you wish you saw more and was around more?

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I wanted to shoot myself in the face when I was making it

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House Week Day 4 | Favorite Friendship - House/Wilson aka Hilson 

"House, you’re right. Why not? Why not date you? I-i-it’s brilliant. We’ve known each other for years, We’ve put up with all kinds of crap from each other, and we keep coming back. We’re a couple!"

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House Week Day 4 | Favorite Friendship - House/Thirteen

"You spend your whole life looking for answers because you think the next answer will change something. Maybe make you a little less miserable. And you know that when you run out of questions you don’t just run out of answers, you run out of hope. Are you glad you know that?"

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Why is no one talking about this? I’m getting excited!

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my stepdad messes up every actors name so i decided to ask him who played his favorite superhero and he said mark buffalo

why is his name so punable though. like mark buffalo. mark fluffalo. mark scruffalo. mark roughallo. mark smoothallo. so many names. so many possibilities

When I went to the Avengers premiere my sister was calling him Mark Wuffalo the whole time

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Title: Paris
Artist: Magic Man
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It’s just a fantasy, taking over like a disease
Pull me out of this I can’t breath
It’s burning through my chest

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I hope you know what you’re doing, Holmes. Here’s the key.

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Seven and a half percent life-duller. That’s the business you’re in

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